Books and pamphlets published by The Bosnian Institute.


  • A Glance into Ottoman Bosnia: a short journey into that land by a native in 1839-40
    Mazuranic, Matija (Translated by Branka Magas)

  • Books on Bosnia: a critical bibliography of works relating to Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1990 in West European languages
    Hoare, Quintin and Noel Malcolm (eds.)

  • Bosnia: a cultural history
    Lovrenovic, Ivan (foreword by Ammiel Alcalay)

  • Bosnians
    Lowe, Paul

  • Flag on the Mountain: a political anthropology of war in Croatia and Bosnia
    Zanic, Ivo

  • From Enemy Territory: Pale Diary
    Vuksanovic, Mladen

  • How Bosnia Armed
    Hoare, Marko Attila

  • Indictment at The Hague: the Milosevic regime and crimes of the Balkan wars
    Cigar, Norman and Paul Williams

  • Letters to the Celestial Serbs
    Beric, Gojko

  • Najsramniji trenutak: Britanija i unistavanje Bosne
    Simms, Brendan

  • Pictures without Borders: Bosnia revisited
    Horn, Steve

  • Postcards from the Grave
    Suljagic, Emir

  • Rat u Hrvatskoj i Bosni i Hercegovini 1991-1995
    Magas, Branka and Ivo Zanic (eds)

  • Sarajevo Rose: a Balkan Jewish notebook
    Schwartz, Stephen

  • The Bosnian Church: its place in state and society from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century: a new interpretation
    Fine, John

  • The War in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1991-1995
    Magas, Branka and Ivo Zanic (eds), foreword by Noel Malcolm

  • Vojislav Kostunica and Serbia‚Äôs Future
    Norman Cigar, foreword by Sonja Biserko

  • Wild Europe: the Balkans in the gaze of Western travellers
    Jezernik, Bozidar


  • From Daytonland to Bosnia Redeviva
    Mulalic, Nermin and Saba Risaluddin

  • Pitanje opstanka: zajednicki obrazovni sustav za Bosnu i Hercegovinu
    Magas, Branka (ed.)

  • Question of Survival: a common education system for Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Magas, Branka (ed.)

  • The Case of the Zvornik Seven: ethnic cleansing of the legal system in Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Ahmed Zilic and Saba Risaluddin

  • War Crimes and Individual Responsibility: a prima facie case for the indictment of Slobodan Milosevic
    Williams, Paul and Norman Cigar

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