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Bosnia Report, our highly-regarded bi-monthly magazine, commissions, translates, and reprints articles on Bosnia and the region, from local, regional and international sources, and reprints documents concerning Bosnia-Herzegovina which are otherwise difficult to access. Edited by Director Quintin Hoare, it also serves as a newsletter for the activities of the Bosnian Institute. Bosnia Report began publishing in October 1993, and with its new series (Nov-Dec 97), became a publication of the Bosnian Institute.

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Monthly Public Forums

Our well-attended monthly public forums are held on the first Monday of the month in association with the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, London. Major figures and key players from Bosnia-Herzegovina and its neighbours from a diverse range of spheres, as well as international specialists on Bosnia, are brought to comment on and discuss with the audience current issues affecting Bosnia and the region. The meetings began in February 1995, and became an activity of the Bosnian Institute in September 1997.

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International Seminar Programme

The Bosnian Institute runs a programme of highly focused international seminars held in the UK, Bosnia and elsewhere, whose proceedings are normally published in English and Bosnian.

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Publications Programme

Our publications programme involves both books and pamphlets directly published by the Institute and co-editions with mainstream publishing houses. It includes publication in English and Bosnian of the proceedings of our international seminars, original pamphlets commissioned or produced by the Institute, and book translations. Pamphlets are distributed to the press and other opinion-makers, and to academic and organizational recipients, as well as being available to the general public. The Bosnian Institute helps to fund the translation of major works from Bosnian, and has recently concluded an important joint imprint agreement with Saqi Books.

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Library and Resource Centre

The institute has a growing specialist reference library housing books on Bosnia and the region, periodicals from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro, English-language press cuttings dating back to 1990, audio-visual and other sources of information about Bosnia. With its fund of material unavailable elsewhere in the UK, the Library is a valuable resource for researchers. We hope to have a full searchable library catalogue online in the future. The Library is open by appointment.

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Cultural Programme

The Bosnian Institute aims to inform the British public about Bosnian culture through a variety of means - events, exhibitions, films and seminars. Among our activities to date, a visit to London by a group of Bosnian authors, a reading of Bosnian poetry in translation and the first public screening of Ademir Kenovic's film, Savrseni Krug (Perfect Circle) in the UK. Planned for the future is a major festival of Bosnian contemporary arts, to be held in London in 2002.

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Friends of the Bosnian Institute

Regular supporters are encouraged to become Friends of the Bosnian Institute. In return for an annual subscription Friends receive free copies of Bosnia Report, Institute publications either free or at reduced prices, and invitations to cultural and other events. We now have around 300 Friends of the Institute.

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