The Bosnian Institute Library houses a specialist collection of books, pamphlets, reports and other material on Bosnia and the region. It subscribes to a range of weekly and monthly periodicals from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, with back issues going back in some cases well before the war. It also holds newspaper cuttings from the British press dating back to 1990, audio-visual materials, documents and other sources of information about Bosnia.

The collection includes works in English, Bosnian and other European languages. It covers regional and Bosnian history, including materials on the former Yugoslavia, its dissolution and its successor states. It has strong coverage of the war in Bosnia and its aftermath, and of such associated issues as war crimes, human rights, international policies and security arrangements. It also includes materials in such areas as cultural heritage, literature, travel, religion and anthropology, as well as standard reference works.

With its concentrated and easily accessible fund of materials often unavailable elsewhere in the UK, the Library is a valuable resource for researchers. Its online catalogue is fully searchable. From 1 March 2007 the library will be temporarily closed to visitors, pending its relocation to Kingston University, where it will re-open in autumn 2007.

The institute is making an appeal to Friends of the Bosnian Institute and others to contact us if they have any materials (in any language) falling within the Library's scope with which they may be prepared to part. We should be particularly grateful for pamphlets, journals, catalogues and other hard-to-find publications of an ephemeral nature. Audio-visual material would also be very welcome, since in the next stage of the Library's development we plan to expand in this direction.

The library is open to researches by appointment; please contact us for further information.

books on bosnia

Books on Bosnia:A database of 379 book reviews and 3741 books held by the Institute:

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