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Books on Bosnia: A Critical Bibliography of Works Relating to Bosnia-Herzegovina Published Since 1990 in Western European Languages

edited by Quintin Hoare and Noel Malcolm

207 pp.
ISBN: 1 901029 03 4
Price: £10
[from U.S., please send $16 + $4 p&p, cash or money order]
Publication date: 5 July 1999

This important new publication is the first ever full-length critical bibliography of works relating to the Bosnian war and the break-up of Yugoslavia. More than 340 books - mostly in English, but including publications in French, German, Italian, etc. - are listed and commented on. Books On Bosnia will be both an ideal starting-point for general readers, and an indispensable research tool for all writers and commentators trying to investigate the origins, nature and consequences of the Bosnian tragedy.

All categories of writing are covered, from historical studies to literary works, from human-rights dossiers to military memoirs, from treatises by political scientists to the testimonies of Bosnian refugees. The main listing divides these books into three sections: 'Essential Reading', 'Other Recommended Reading' and 'Other Reading'. The critical comments are uncompromising: praise is given where it is due, while the pretensions of over-rated authors are mercilessly punctured.

In addition, the second part of the book prints searching longer reviews of selected works. Among them is a review-essay by Branka Magas on the memoirs of Warren Zimmermann (the last US Ambassador to Yugoslavia), which is itself one of the most important essays to have been published in recent years on the political and military miscalculations behind Western policy in 1989-92. These longer reviews also include a devastating 20-page dissection by Noel Malcolm - written specially for this volume - of General Sir Michael Rose's recent book, Fighting for Peace.

About the Editors:
Quintin Hoare, a writer and translator with more than 35 years' experience of the former Yugoslavia, is Director of the Bosnian Institute and Editor of Bosnia Report.

Noel Malcolm is a prominent historian, journalist and Balkan specialist, author of Bosnia: A Short History (1994) and Kosovo: A Short History (1998).

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