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Bosnia has a long tradition of lively participation in the arts and sustaining vigorous and varied media. Its capital, Sarajevo, was the most vibrant city culturally in the former Yugoslavia. The Art Museum, Collegium Artisticum and the Olympic Museum were just a few of the galleries which held exhibitions of avant-garde contemporary art, and the city was also the centre of a dynamic film industry. Bosnia continues to produced award-winning films: Ademir Kenovic's Savrseni Krug (Perfect Circle), the first feature film produced in Bosnia after the end of the war, won major awards at the Cannes, Paris, Jerusalem and Tokyo Film Festivals - and was voted by film-makers onto a shortlist of 6 out of 200 candidates for the European Film Academy's Film of the Year 1997.

During the siege of Sarajevo, maintaining cultural work became a form of resistance in itself, and it was possible to attend exhibitions, theatrical and musical events and the cinema all through the war. The annual Sarajevo Film Festival began during the war and the pre-war Sarajevo Winter Festival continued to present a wide range of arts events. This high level of cultural activity was echoed in other cities and towns across Bosnia. Film-making, photography, innovative poster work, painting, sculpture, dance, theatre, and music from classical to rock, continued throughout the war for enthusiastic audiences.

Despite the war and the attempts of nationalist parties to exercise control, there has been greater media freedom in Bosnia than in neighbouring countries, and the tradition of a free and independent press continues. Oslobodjenje, the famous Sarajevo daily, managed to publish every day throughout the war, despite sustained attacks by the city's besiegers on its building and workers.

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