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Bosnia was host to the 1984 Winter Olympic Games and as such prides itself on excellent ski resorts. Spread over several mountains located mainly in central Bosnia, the resorts are fairly close to one another, making it possible to ski on a different mountain every day.

Jahorina is the most popular and therefore most developed of Bosnian mountains. Set under the peak of Palosevina (1848m), Jahorina is a 25km drive from Sarajevo. It offers a number of ski lifts and 20km of slopes of different difficulty levels to choose from. One-day ski passes costs 18KM, 85KM for a week and 300KM for the whole season. Jahorina has several hotels to choose from, including Kristal,Bistrica and Kosuta hotels, Poljice and Sport guest houses and a large range of private accommodation.

The slopes under Bjelasnica peak (2066m) are only slightly less appealing than those of Jahorina. Bjelasnica is a somewhat more challenging mountain, offering steeper slopes and slightly tougher weather to tackle. Ski passes cost 18KM for a day, 70KM for a week and 90KM for seven random days. There is good accommodation at the brand new Marshall hotel (doubles from 65KM). Igman(1504) is only a twenty-minute drive from Sarajevo and offers cross-country skiing.

Vlasic(1943m) is slightly far for daytrips from Sarajevo, but fine for longer stays. Ski passes cost around 15KM for a day, accommodation is possible at the Babanovac hotel (from 32KM per night, tel. 061 79 98 61)and in private accommodation.

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