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In the past, Bosnia was rarely associated with outstanding achievements within the visual arts, tending as it did towards purely decorative art. However following the emergence of an authentic contemporary language revealed by Bosnian artists throughout the eighties and in the omni-present visual arts production during the war (particularily during the Sarajevo siege), the present day arts scene in Bosnia is certainly one of the most mature and influental in the region.

1.  Animation in BH
3.  Association of amateur cultural/artistic groups of Sarajevo Canton
4.  Association of Artists and Designers of B-H
5.  BH Design Promotion
6.  Bosnian Art Online
7.  Brief History of Bosnian 20th Century Art
8.  Fabrika Advertising Agency
9.  Kao Pao Shu
10.  Media Centar Sarajevo
11. Multimedia Laboratory
12.  Sarajevo Art
13.  Sarajevo Centre for Contemporary Arts (SCCA)
14.  Sarajevo Fashion Week
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