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Bosnia-Herzegovina has a rich literary tradition going back to the middle ages. This section looks at a brief history of Bosnian literature and provides links to web sites featuring the most important Bosnian writers.

1.  'The Literature of Bosnia-Herzegovina is Global Literature'
2.  'Writings from an Unbound Europe'
3.  Abdulah Sidran
4.  Aleksa Santic
5.  Aleksandar Hemon
6.  Andre Malraux French Cultural Centre
7.  Andric book sales
8.  Brief History of Bosnian Literature
9.  Cum Grano Salis
10.  Drustvo pisaca Bosne i Hercegovine
11.  Evropski knjizevni susreti
12.  Ivo Andric - Nobel Prize
13.  Kitabhana Bosnian Literature
14.  Mak Dizdar Foundation
15.  Mesa Selimovic
16.  Nenad Velickovic
17.  South Slavic Library
18.  The Oslo Corpus of Bosnian Texts
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