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» The Dayton settlement
Despite formally reaffirming Bosnia - Herzegovina's sovereignty and independence, the Dayton Accords equally ratified the involvement within its borders of hostile neighbours (Serbia and Croatia), provided for its virtual occupation by Nato troops and entrenched the continued existence on its territory of two (if not three) domestic armies, endowing it therefore with extremely weak central state powers. Furthermore, whilst proclaiming the right of refugees and displaced persons to return to their homes, the Accords left in power in Republika Srpska and 'Herzeg-Bosna' the very forces which had driven them out. The proclaimed universalist aspirations to democracy, human rights and multi-ethnicity are blocked by the ethnic particularism enshrined in the two entities into which B-H is divided, and in the constitutional provisions laid down at Dayton.

1.  From Daytonland to Bosnia Rediviva
2.  The Dayton Peace Accord
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