Reports 1 to 10 of 51
(New Series No: 55-56)
Articles include: Local reactions to the ICJ ruling in Bosnia's lawsuit against Serbia, plus the assessment of B-H's own legal representative and a comment by Marko Attila Hoare; Ivan Lovrenovic on Bosnian symbols; Vesna Pesic, Zarko Korac and Dubravka Stojanovic on Serbian nationalism and politics; a tribute by Latinka Perovic to the historian Olga Popovic-Obradovic who died recently, with the latter's last seminal essay; articles on Kosova on the brink of independence, by Sonja Biserko and Dubravka Stojanovic, with reassuring comments from Macedonian premier Nikola Gruevski; Risto Pekka Pennanen on the musical heritage of Bosnia-Herzegovina
(New Series No: 53-54)
Articles include: A major survey of JNA involvement in the aggression against Bosnia, by Srebrenica survivor Emir Suljagic; B-H election results; articles on the situation in RS, refugee returns, constitutional reform, educational apartheid, defenders of B-H, the death of Yugoslavia, and Serbian death squads; feature on 'Kosova on the brink', with Ivan Ahel on how to secure the survival of its Serb minority; Ivan Lovrenovic on Sevdalinke; reviews; poems by Chris Agee
(New Series No: 51-52)
Articles include: Srdja Popovic and Emir Suljagic on Bosnia's genocide lawsuit before the ICJ; a special feature on reactions to Milosevic's death abroad and within Serbia (articles by Paul Garde, Dunja Melcic, Sonja Biserko, and many others); a revealing document on the attitude of wartime B-H leaders to the prospect of partition; a debate on Operation Storm and its aftermath between a Croatian and a Serbian historian; texts on the constitutional issue in B-H; Branka Magas on a recent Serbian media onslaught on Latinka Perovic; Senad Pecanin on voting for Montenegrin independence
(New Series No:49-50)
Articles include: Judging Milosevic's Serbia; Lovrenovic on Halilovic acquittal; Mesic, Papic and Hadziahmetovic on post-Dayton B-H; open letter to The Guardian by Srebrenica survivors and authors; Stipetic, Jergovic and others on the Croatian dimension; Brailo and Kovacevic on Montenegro at the crossroads; Biserko, Popovic and Jovanovic on the Serbian question; LDP, Magas and Filipovic debate 'Serbia and Kosova'; reviews by Woollacott and Simms; Walasek, Thorpe and Kirschbaum on Bosnia's cinematic triumphs
(New Series No: 47-48)
Articles include: Cohn-Bendit, Mendiluce and Silajdzic on Dayton, ten years on; Special feature on Serbia (Biserko on 'nation vs individual', Mirko Kovac on Dobrica Cosic, The twilight years of Serbian communism, etc.); Hoare and Todorovic on Chetniks then and now; Vulliamy and Jelacic on the warlord of Visegrad; Omarska memorial; Mladic's death squads; church and army onslaught on Montenegro
(New Series No: 45-46)
Articles include: Special feature on Srebrenica with Aleskandar Hemon, Emir Suljagic, Natasa Kandic, Tim Judah and others; Marko Attila Hoare on Al-Qaida in the Balkans and on a capitulation by the Hague tribunal; Ivan Lovrenovic on Tudjman and Koljevic; a major essay by Sonja Biserko on the Greater Serbia debacle; an important encounter between Montenegrin and Serbian intellectuals; reviews of Milos Vasic's book on the Djindjic assassination; Ivo Banac remembers Wayne Vucinich
(New Series No:43-44)
Articles include: Major debate on the origins of the war, with participants from Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia; articles on B-H, Montenegro and Serbia today by Nick Thorpe, Ed Vulliamy, Miodrag Perovic and Natasa Kandic; feature 'Beyond "Great Serbia"', with contributions by Sonja Biserko, Olga Popovic Obradovic, Miroslav Filipovic; section on Kosova's future; review of Enver Redzic's work on Bosnia in World War II by Marko Attila Hoare
(New Series No: 42)
Articles include: Articles on the continuing crisis in 'Republika Srpska' by Ivan Lovrenovic and others; reports on the war crimes issue at The Hague and in B-H, by Emir Suljagic and Dzenana Karup-Drusko; Fikret Cuskic and Lee Bryant on Operation Vlasic; short story by Peter Palmer; feature on the question of Serbia with texts by Olga Popovic-Obradovic, Mirko Tepavac and Sonja Biserko; reviews by Latinka Perovic and Gordana Knezevic; Kosova, Montenegro, Macedonia, obituaries
(New Series No: 41)
Articles include: Feature on the bridges of Bosnia; Alija Izetbegovic on the fall of Srebrenica and the creation of RS; Marko Attila Hoare on the birth of the Bosnian army; Ivan Lovrenovic on the monstrosity of 'pure' national culture; Vojin Dimitrijevic and 'rational' resistance to the truth; three texts on the status of Montenegro; Albanian-Serb debate on Kosova/o independence; extremist bishops
(New Series No: 39-40)
Articles include: Srdja Popovic on Serbian secession from the former Yugoslavia; Ivan Lovrenovic on the friends and enemies of B-H statehood; Emir Suljagic on Radovan Karadzic and RS; debate on the causes and nature of the Bosnian war (Andjelic, Knezevic, Magas, Kadijevic); feature on Serbia (Biserko, Perovic, Popovic-Obradovic, Milosavljevic, Popovic on Vojin Dimitrijevic, etc.); plus Paul Hockenos, Teofil Pancic and Fran Nazi on Kosova, Krivokapic on Montenegro, Brendan Simms reviewing James Gow
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