Reports 11 to 20 of 51
(New Series No: 37-38 )
Articles include: Special feature 'Assessing Izetbegovic and his legacy'; Ivanko, Harland and Pack et al. on Dayton B-H; Suljagic on plea-bargaining; Toomey on the children of Bosnian rape victims; Zirojevic and Ivancevic on the Old Bridge; texts on the political crisis in Serbia; Knezevic reviewing Andjelic; Hoare reviewing Bose and Chandler; 100 Bosnian Institute forums!
(New Series No: 36)
Articles include: Ivan Lovrenovic on Alija Izetbegovic, Emir Suljagic on the 'librarian of death', Dejan Anastasijevic on the Serbian security services, Misa Brkic on the Telecom affair, special feature on the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, review article on left-wing responses to Western military intervention in the former Yugoslavia, interview with director of the Sarajevo Film Festival
(New Series No: 35)
Articles include: Ivan Lovrenovic on the Ashdown governorship, Zlatko Hadzidedic on multiculturalism, Republika Srpska and much beside, a major essay by Ivan Colovic on culture, nation and territory, Hasan Hadzic on the mass graveyard near Zvornik, Sergey Romanenko on Russia and Serbia, Andras Riedlmayer's Hague testimony on the cultural dimension of genocide, tributes to Bill Tribe
(New Series No:32-34)
Articles include: Ivan Lovrenovic on who runs Bosnia and on the survival of RS, Gordana Knezevic on the Bijeljina-Belgrade-Baghdad arms axis, Mirko Klarin and Emir Suljagic on recent dramatic developments at The Hague, Biljana Plavsic's admission of guilt, Latinka Perovic, Sonja Biserko, the ICG and Filip David on Serbia after Djindjic, Branka Magas on the Greater Serbia project and its afterlife, Sonja Biserko's call for a fresh start in Serbia's relations with Kosova, plus book reviews and features on music and literature
(New Series No: 29-31)
Articles include: Chronology of Events May-October 2002; texts on Crimes and Justice, Bosnian Realities, the Chetnik Threat, War-crime Debate in Serbia, Sarajevo Film Festival, etc, by Ivan Lovrenovic, Gojko Beric, Milos Vasic, Petar Lukovic, Sonja Biserko, Natasa Kandic, Srdja Popovic, Senad Pecanin,Ivo Banac, Peter Palmer, Mile Stojic with Semezdin Mehmedinovic, and many others
(New Series No: 27-28)
Articles include: Ivan Lovrenovic on Milosevic's crimes, recent constitutional changes and the existence of Republika Srpska; Latinka Perovic on why Yugoslavia failed; features on Serbia and the Hague tribunal, the status of Montenegro, and the British role in the destruction of Bosnia 1992-5; story by Aleksandar Hemon; obituary of Marian Wenzel
(New Series No: 26)
Articles include: Special Documentary Issue: The three Milosevic indictments at The Hague N.B. Print edition (available from The Bosnian Institute) also includes all annexes to the three indictments
(New Series No: 23/24/25)
Articles include: Not so secret deals, Dayton legalized genocide, Postcards from the grave, What country is this?, B-H and European integration, Dead bodies on the move, Monument and crime, Remembering Adrian Hastings
(New Series No: 21/22)
Articles include: Double standards, The agony of Stolac, ABC of Croatian crimes in B-H, Crime and punishment, B-H heads for bankruptcy, Texts by Latinka Perovic, Vojvodina and Serbia, Status of Kosova
(New Series No: 19/20)
Articles include: Bosnian general election results, New Serbia?, the Ducic affair, Beyond the Balkans, Montenegro's choice, Kosova in suspense, state of Bosnia-Herzegovina
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