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New Series no.1 November-December 1997
Why the war criminals sleep peacefully at night
by Zlatko Dizdarevic

Radovan Karadzic will not be arrested and sent to The Hague so long as Slobodan Milosevic is the power broker of Balkan political reality and the Americans continue to back Dayton as their political option for this area. The 'poet from Durmitor' will never be essential in The Hague because of the bombardment of Sarajevo, or the crime of Srebrenica, or Omarska and Karaterm. They will need him as chief witness against the father of Balkan fascism, but the latter - alas! - is the key signator of the Dayton Accords, which among other things provide NATO with a reason for its presence on the new line of military demarcation vis-aĆ¼vis the Russians. The world's diplomats may not much like Milosevic, but he is still their main partner - and you cannot topple your main partner, even if he is guilty of the most terrible crimes. Milosevic's is the most important signature on Dayton, and the plain truth is that without Milosevic there is no Dayton ...

... The judges and prosecutors in The Hague have made a political mistake by charging Karadzic with genocide: the term is ruled out under Dayton, since the crime of genocide assumes the existence of a collective perpetrator and victim. Genocide is a deliberate crime against a people, nation or religious group. To admit the reality of genocide is to negate the theory of shared responsibility and equal guilt. But this logically means rejecting the current division of Bosnia-Herzegovina, rejecting the de facto entities of 'Republika Srpska' and 'Herceg-Bosna' , ultimately rejecting Dayton itself. That, of course, is out of the question. Svijet (Sarajevo), 26.10.97.

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