bosnia report
No. 7 November - 1994
Tuzla Trade Unions Greet Workers Aid for Bosnia and Appeal for International Solidarity

'We are deeply grateful to Workers Aid for Bosnia who have managed to reach our town of Tuzla many times, even under the difficult conditions imposed by the Chetnik blockade.

'The agggression against Bosnia-Herzegovina from Serbia and Montenegro has turned into a fascism that has inflicted a horrible tragedy on our country. Both the Bosnian and Croatian peoples have experienced this fascist terror - the destruction of human beings and centuries-old civilization by complete barbarism. Think of all the towns where the fascist-Chetniks have destroyed universities, schools, hospitals, nurseries, churches, mosques, cemeteries and homes.

'The Bosnian army has never set out to destroy civilians or civilian buildings. In our town of Tuzla everything from the Serbian tradition remains intact and functioning. The trade unions in Tuzla have worked hard during this war to help citizens of all nationalities without any discrimination. Despite all shortages of food and basic essentials, we have tried to assist everyone without distinction.

'Our district union presidency consists of nine members: four Bosnian Muslims, three Bosnian Serbs and two Bosnian Croats. As president, and a Muslim woman, I have a good relationship with all the members. We are all good friends and nothing comes between us in carrying out our union duties.

'We are disappointed that there is not greater solidarity and moral support for our struggle from the brade unions in Britain, France, Germany, Spain and elsewhere. We would like to visit all these countries to explain our situation and bring together an international movement against fascism. Nobody here foresaw the war. If the rise of fascism is not stopped here, then it will spread further and further.

'The workers' attitude is clear. We fight to be able to work in order to live. We want a state with democratic and human rights for everyone that respects all our cultural heritage that has been developed through the centuries. We will not allow the Islamization of our country that is being promoted by outside influences. Our culture of mutual tolerance is too strong for that. The women's movement is strong and women ocupy positions of responsibility at every level of society.

'In order to explain our situation we ask all trade union organizations to help our delegation visit their country. Will you help us with travel expenses and with obtaining the necessary travel visas? Our proposed delegation will be Sijercic, Fikreta (President - Bosnian Muslim), Segat, Ivica and Bojic, Jovan (President's Council members - Bosnian Croat and Bosnian Serb respectively).

'Future generations will reÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÔ member all the people of Europe who have come to our assistance.

Sijercic, Fikreta.

Workers' Aid for Bosnia may be contacted at P.O. Box 9, Eccles SO, Salford M30 7FX or 0171.582.5462


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