Bosnia-Herzegovina under Habsburg rule

Friday, 27 April, 2007:
The Bosnian Institute (London), in association with the Institute of History (Sarajevo), held a very successful international seminar over two days at St Antony's monastery in Sarajevo, on the subject of 'Bosnian-Herzegovina under the Habsburgs: in transition to modernity? Politics, economy, society, culture.' The following scholars took part: Bojan Bujic, Oxford; Robert Donia, San Diego; Enes Durmiševic, Sarajevo; Zoran Grijak, Zagreb; Marko Attila Hoare, Kingston; Mustafa Imamovic, Sarajevo; Reinhard Johler, Vienna/ Tübingen; Dževad Južbašic, Sarajevo; Husnija Kamberovic, Sarajevo; Markus Koller, Leipzig; Noel Malcolm, Oxford; Christian Marchetti, Tübingen; Muhidin Pelešic, Sarajevo; Edin Radušic, Sarajevo; Ursula Reber, Vienna/Edmonton; Diana Reynolds, San Diego; Clemens Ruthner, Antwerp/Edmonton; Šamija Saric, Sarajevo; Zijad Šehic, Sarajevo; Vera Štimac, Sarajevo; Tomo Vukšic, Sarajevo - in addition to a small invited audience. The proceedings of the seminar were recorded and will be edited for publication.

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