Croatian Stand - London Book Fair

Wednesday, 17 April, 2013: Novakovich, Drndic, Košcec
We are proud to announce that this year’s London Book Fair (Earls Court, April 15-17), will host a
Croatian National stand for the first time ever. Joining us for this great occasion, are a number of
writers, editors and translators from the Croatian and international literary scene. Among them Josip
Novakovich, Croatian-Canadian writer shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize, and Daša
Drndic, long listed for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize for 2013 for her novel ‘Trieste’. A number
of book launches and discussions will be organized at the stand and at outside venues by Istros Books
and the Welcome Croatia Festival, aimed at promoting Croatian culture in the UK in the run-up to
Croatia’s EU entry on July 1st.
On April 16, a special event entitled, ‘’Meet the voices of Modern Croatian Literature’’ will be held
at Keats House library in Hampstead, chaired by the former British Ambassador to Croatia, Nicholas
Jarrold. This will be a rare chance to hear and talk to some of the finest Croatian writers about their
work, and will feature Josip Novakovich, Daša Drndic and Marinko Košcec. On April 17, Europe House
will be the venue for a discussion on ‘’Contemporary Croatian Literature: Inside and Out’’, hosted
by the Croatian Embassy in London. This event will be chaired by Man Booker International award
nominee Josip Novakovich, and literary editor Roman Simic-Bodrožic. The discussion will include an
over-view of the contemporary Croatian literary scene as well as the efforts put into bringing Croatian
literature to a wider audience through translation.
This year’s guests also include Robert Perišic ( ‘Our Man Iraq’ Istros Books, 2012; Black Balloon
Publishing US, 2013), Marinko Košcec (‘A Handful of Sand’, Istros Books 2013), Matko Sršen (Odohohol
& Cally Rascal, Istros Books 2013), Olja Savicevic (Farewell Cowboy, Istros Books 2014), Roman Simic-
Bodrožic (Director of the Festival of the European Short Story), Boris Gunjevic (‘God in Pain: Inversions
of the Apocalypse’, with Slavoj Žižek, Seven Stories Press 2012) and Ivan Sršen (Sandorf Publishing)
along with well-known translators, Will Firth and Celia Hawkesworth.
Istros Books will be leading the organization and running the LBF stand, which is hosted by the Croatian
Writers Society and the Croatian Ministry of Culture.
Interesting fact: Recent research (Literature Across Frontiers, 2012) has shown that approximately
2.5% of all publications and 4.5% of fiction, poetry, drama (literature) are international translations,
compared to well over 3 times that amount in countries such as France, Germany and Italy.
to Editors:
• Istros Books is a boutique publishing house, based in the UK but focused on literature from
South-East Europe.
Award winning authors from Croatia, the newest EU country, in London for the Book Fair
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• Istros Books was founded as a platform for exceptional regional authors to have their work
translated and presented to the English-speaking public. Our editorial team selects respected authors
and prize-winners, which have included 2 winners of the European Prize for Literature.
• Istros Books takes an individualised approach to each writer selected, leading the process
from translation, to editing, to marketing and distribution in a comprehensive way with individual
supervision for each writer and her/his international career.
• Susan Curtis-Kojakovic is the founding director of Istros Books publisher and editor of Koscec,
Perisic, and Srsen in the English language editions.
• Istros Books has previously published authors from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro,
Romania and Turkey.
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Enquiries to:
Susan Curtis-Kojakovic – Director
Tel: 079 46 736 408
Stefan Stojadinovic – Press officer
Tel: 079 33 665 005
All the above mentioned authors are available for interview, by prior arrangement.
Review copies of Istros Books titles are available upon request.
For a free copy of the latest edition of Relations Literary Magazine: 'Contemporary Croatian
Literature in English Translation', please contact Istros Books.
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