A Common Education System for Bosnia-Herzegovina

Wednesday, 01 April, 1998: various
A Common Education System for Bosnia-Herzegovina brought together the country’s most prominent educationalists, academics and intellectuals to discuss the conditions for creating the conditions for an ethnically-integrated educational system for Bosnia-Herzegovina, despite the constraints of the Dayton Accord and the nationalist parties in power.

Extract from proceedings:

"A newly independent country inevitably thinks of itself in a new way; but the need is all the greater in the case of Bosnia-Herzegovina with its recent experience of war. How are its people going to break the forces barring its integration, encamped within institutions created by the war and which the 'peace process' has largely left intact? Bosnia-Herzegovina, the seminar was told, enjoys at present the protection of the United States; but this protection can only be temporary in nature. The country’s salvation lies in the hands of its own people. If things are to change, a new way of thinking about itself must be produced, based upon a recognition of the failure on the part of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s intellectual elite to predict the war and its horrors. Bosnia's future lies in capitalizing on the nature of its society: its ethnic and religious heterogeneity, which open its people to the experience of the other, to the modern world understood through its diversity. The necessary new start must also involve unmasking the role played by religious institutions that have lost their original purpose of guiding the individual towards God, and that have instead become servants of anti-Bosnian political options. Bosnia's education system must thus foster a sense of individual responsibility; a recognition of all humanity as unity in diversity; a feeling of belonging to this diversity; and a need for every individual to be true to their potential. "

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