The War in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995

Friday, 25 September, 1998: various
Although there are a great many journalists’ reports and scholarly studies covering the period 1991-1995, as well as interviews with and memoirs by some of the participants, up to now there has been no attempt at a comprehensive analysis of these two interdependent wars, which would integrate their military and political aspects. It is this continuing gap in knowledge, not only abroad but also in the region itself, that the conference organizers sought to fill, by facilitating an exchange of ideas and discussion so as to provide the dimension hitherto lacking. The intention was to provide an open forum in which key participants in the two wars would be brought together for the first time to share their experiences. It was hoped that this would provide a unique opportunity for former military commanders and government officials from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia to exchange personal knowledge, to explore new ideas, and to engage in debate with other regional and foreign scholars.

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