Book Launch: Brendan Simms' "Najsramniji Trenutak: Britanija i Unistavanje Bosne"

Tuesday, 18 February, 2003:
The launch of Institute trustee Brendan Simms' book "Najsramniji Trenutak: Britanijia i Unistavanje Bosne" took place in Sarajevo, 18 February 2003, thanks to a partnership between The Bosnian Institute, who funded the translation of the English language original "Unfinest Hour", Buybook Sarajevo and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Serbia, which jointly published the book. Assistance for its publication was also received from the Fund for Central and East European Book Projects (CEEBP) and Fondacija za izdavsto/Fondacija za nakladnistvo, Sarajevo.

The launch, organized by Buybook with support from the British Council, was a great success and attended by one of the largest audiences seen at such an event in Sarajevo. Widely and favourably covered by the Bosnian media, there was also a highly respected panel at the launch including the poet Goran Samardzic, one of the founders of Buybook and the author Ivan Lovrenovic. Lovrenovic was later quoted in Oslobodjenje praising Simms's readiness to criticize Britain for its anti-Bosnian stance during the war. He said that this kind of critical independence could serve as a model for Bosnian historians and writers.

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