The Constitutional Debate in B-H

Monday, 03 July, 2006: Zlatko Hadzidedic
A reception to celebrate the recent publication of Gregory Kent’s 'Framing War and Genocide: British policy and
news media reaction to the war in Bosnia' was followed by
a stimulating meeting on 'The Constitutional Issue in Bosnia-Herzegovina', introduced by Zlatko Hadžidedic. This discussion was particularly timely given the lively debate on the issue in B-H since the house of representatives failed in April 2006 to support constitutional amendments initiated by the United States Institute of Peace - and in the run-up to elections this autumn. Zlatko Hadžidedic, who lives in Sarajevo where he edits a politics and social science list for the publisher Buybook, obtained an MA in society and politics from the University of Lancaster via the Central European University in Warsaw. He is currently completing a doctorate for LSE, with a dissertation titled ‘Forced to be free: paradoxes of liberty, nation and self-determination’. He has worked as a foreign-policy analyst for the B-H ministry of foreign affairs, and his published writing ranges from poetry and drama to political commentaries and a work on international relations.

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