'The Charter of Ban Kulin' - 60-minute film

Monday, 04 December, 2006: Zehrudin Isakovic
The 1189 Charter to the people of Dubrovnik issued by Ban Kulin (ruler of Bosnia 1180-1204), with its text in Latin and Bosancica, is the most important document of mediaeval Bosnian statehood and indeed the first official act written in any South Slav language. Zehrudin Isakovic, director of the B-H Federation News Agency (FEMA), has collaborated with Vreme (Belgrade) and Dnevni Avaz (Sarajevo), and acted as media advisor to the president of the B-H Federation. The film, made after the author succeeded in filming the original Charter now held in Saint Petersburg, had its premiere at the Balkan Black Box festival in Berlin 2006. Its London showing at the Bosnian Institute's December forum was followed by a lively discussion between the director and a large, enthusiastic and predominantly Bosnian audience.
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