Previous Seminars

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina under Habsburg rule
    The Bosnian Institute (London), in association with the Institute of History (Sarajevo), held a very successful international seminar over two days at St Antony's monastery in Sarajevo, on 'Bosnia-Herzegovina under the Habsburgs'

  • Rehabilitation of the Archive Service in Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Senior archivists from Bosnia-Herzegovina, headed by the director of the Archive of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and coming from both its two entities, the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, met together officially for the first time in London at this seminar organized by the Bosnian Institute, with the participation of the International Council on Archives.

  • The War in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995
    A unique opportunity for former military commanders and government officials from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia to exchange personal knowledge, to explore new ideas, and to engage in debate with other regional and foreign scholars.

  • A Common Education System for Bosnia-Herzegovina
    A Common Education System for Bosnia-Herzegovina brought together the country’s most prominent educationalists, academics and intellectuals to discuss the conditions for creating the conditions for an ethnically-integrated educational system for Bosnia-Herzegovina, despite the constraints of the Dayton Accord and the nationalist parties in power.

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