Bosnian opposition dominates Sarajevo city council

Author: BBC Monitoring
Uploaded: Wednesday, 04 February, 2009

The Social Democratic Party and Our Party, with 15 and 2 representatives respectively on Sarajevo's 28-member new city council, have provided the complete slate of elected officials, including mayor Alija Behmen

The new Sarajevo city council was inaugurated today. It consists of 28 councillors; 15 from the Social Democratic Party [SDP], seven from the Party of Democratic Action [SDA], two from the Party for Bosnia-Herzegovina [SB-H], two from Our Party [NS] and two from the Bosnia-Herzegovina Patriotic Party [BPS].

Thirteen of the councillors are Bosniaks [Bosnian Muslims], six are Croats, six are Serbs and three are representatives of other ethnic groups.

Marin Ivanisevic, a Croat councillor and SDP member, was elected chairman of the City Council and Tatjana Ljujic-Mijatovic, a Serb member of the SDP, and Lejla Somun-Krupalija, a representative of others and member of Our Party, were elected Ivanisevic's deputies.

Alija Behmen, a Bosniak member of the SDP, was appointed Sarajevo mayor and Nenad Markovic, a Croat from the SDP, and Slobodan Neskovic, representative of others from Our Party, were appointed Behmen's deputies.

‘We have to show that Sarajevo is really the capital even though some do not see it that way. We will show that it really is by developing democracy. Sarajevo will be a city with new democratic standards and a high degree of tolerance’, Behmen said in his inaugural speech.

Source: Federation News Agency (FENA), Sarajevo, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 29 January 2009

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