Exhibition on Marian Wenzel opens in Sarajevo

Author: Balkan Insight
Uploaded: Saturday, 10 July, 2010

Report on an exhibition celebrating the work of Marian Wenzel (1932-2002), which will run in Sarajevo until the end of August 2010

The Museum of History of Bosnia-Herzegovina has opened an exhibition entitled ‘Marian Wenzel Up Close’, in homage to the renowned art historian who dedicated much of her life to the cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Marian Wenzel, who was born in 1932 and died in 2002, focused her scientific career on Bosnia-Herzegovina for years and contributed greatly to the exploration of its stecci (mediaeval Bosnian tombstones).


She visited Bosnia in the 1950s and explored the stecci, travelling through all the important locations of these mediaeval tombstones, photographing their motifs and inscriptions, and in 1965. publishing a book entitled Ukrasni motivi na steccima (Ornamental Tombstones in Mediaeval Bosnia and Surrounding Regions), which was later accepted as her doctoral thesis.


She also was very active in helping Bosnia during the war through the organization Bosnia-Herzegovina Heritage Rescue (BHHR), warning about the destruction of the cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


In her will Wenzel left her library of thousands of books, photographs, writings and other art works to the Museum of History of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


The exhibition at the museum provides a reconstruction of Wenzel’s work and the importance it holds. Visitors can go through her writings and studies, and look at photo albums, personal items and souvenirs that she collected on her journeys.


The exhibition, which opened on 30 June 2010, will close at the end of August 2010.



Balkan Insight, Sarajevo, 2 July 2010



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